Updated CMD E2U5/6

E2P1G5 Updated RF GM commands

//E2P1G5 Updated RF GM commands

ALT+B (Opens observer menu which enables fly/noclip mode.)
/add (Add the user to your player list, only usable in observer mode, must have player targeted when you do it.)
/remove (Remove player from observer list.)
/add (Use this command to add a blank button, and being abble to leave the follow mode.)

//Race codes
0 Bellato
1 Cora
2 Accretia

%copy (the char you want to copy must be online)
%change (NO IDEA YET)
%degree (NO IDEA YET)
%clear inven (Delete oneself inventory.)
%xyz (Give oneself coords.)
%resurrect (Resurrect oneself.)
%Set Guild Grade (Set oneself guild grade.)
%Set Guild Grade By Name (Set guild grade.)
%Set Guild Grade By GuildSerial (Set guild grade.)

%jump (Teleport to XYZ coords.)
%pass dungeon (Finish oneself entered battle dungeon.)
%lv (Set oneself lvl.)
%transparent (Turn ON oneself invisible.)
%no transparent (Turn OFF oneself invisible.)
%matchless (Turn ON oneself god kill.)
%no matchless (Turn OFF oneself god kill.)
%port (Teleport oneself to new map.)
%eder (Teleport oneself to ether.)
%goto ship (Teleport oneself to transportation ship.)
%start holy (Start chip war.)
%keeper bye (Kill HSK until next CW.)
%start keeper O (Make HSK appear, friendly for bellato.)
%start keeper 1 (Make HSK appear, friendly for cora.)
%start keeper 2 (Make HSK appear, friendly for accretia.)
%goto stone 0 (Port you to bellato chip.)
%goto stone 1 (Port you to cora chip.)
%goto stone 2 (Port you to accretia chip.)
%kick (Kick player out of game.)
%pass quest (Pass oneself obtained quest, and give you reward.)
%charcall (Teleport player to you.)
%moncall (Summon monster to you.)
%total (Display amount of users online for each race.)
%neverdie (Turn ON oneself invincible.)
%no neverdie (Turn OFF oneself invincible.)
%* (Generate one game item.)
%allskill <123> (Set oneself skills level.)
%recallexp <123> (Set oneself summoned animus level.)
%monset (Turn On/Off mobs respawning.)
%show me the dalant <123> (Give oneself money, or input amount.)
%show me the gold <123> (Give oneself 500.000 gold, or input amount.)
%full force (Set oneself spells to max level.)
%circle (Display amount of players near you.)
%min attack point (Deal minimum damage of your attack range.)
%max attack point (Deal maximum damage of your attack range.)
%normal attack point (Set damage back to normal.)
%beggar (Drop all the targeted mob items, max amount and max items.)
%no beggar (Make targeted mob drops normally.)
%god hand (Turn ON god upgrade mode.)
%chicken hand (Turn OFF god upgrade mode.)
%effect time <123> (Set buff duration on oneself, max 9000 seconds.)
%effect clear (Remove oneself buffs.)
%fullset (NO IDEA YET)
/town (Teleport oneself to HQ.)

//Update 5 Commands not tested

%altexp (Set oneself EXP.)
%die (Kill oneself.)
%contribute_p (Add CP points to oneself.)
%contribute_m (Add PVP points to oneself.)
%stone (NO IDEA YET)
%stone bye (NO IDEA YET)
%servant (NO IDEA YET)
%miracle (Sort of healing.)
%fullmiracle (Sort of healing.)
%threeseven war (Drop 5 strange bags.)
%dfgrace (NO IDEA YET)
%recallattack (NO IDEA YET)
%allskillpt (NO IDEA YET)
%createfield (NO IDEA YET)
%destroyfield (NO IDEA YET)
%regenstone (NO IDEA YET)
%destroystone (NO IDEA YET)
%takestone (NO IDEA YET)
%getstone (NO IDEA YET)
%dropstone (NO IDEA YET)
%forcestone (NO IDEA YET)
%checkgoal (NO IDEA YET)
%recvschedule (NO IDEA YET)
%recvbattleinfo (NO IDEA YET)
%recvtotalguildrank (NO IDEA YET)
%recvpvpguildrank (NO IDEA YET)
%changetaxrate (Change tax rate.)
%amp-set (NO IDEA YET)
%amp-full (NO IDEA YET)
%servertime (Display server uptime.)
%partycall (Call whole player party to oneself.)
%guildcall (Call whole player guild to oneself.)
%cashamount (Cash shop related.)
%csbuy (Buy cash shop item.)
%primium classevent (NO IDEA YET)
%takeholymental (Give Holymental to oneself.)
%MasterMe (NO IDEA YET)
%altlv (NO IDEA YET)
%OneHourAfter (Starts fake CW Counter.)
%recalllv (NO IDEA YET)
%AfterEff (Give Nuclear Debuff Effect to oneself.)
%removesfdelay (NO IDEA YET)
%exception (NO IDEA YET)

Other Codes

ipcsa01 - 03 (55% is 03) bust potions
ipcsa28 - 39 (1 sec is 39) cure chargers
ipbnp08 - 0 sec hp pots
ipcsa73 - Class Change pill
ipcsa30 - stealth
bxcsa01 - 03 (28 for sock box, 03 lucky large, 18 fav largerr)
bxgem04 - boxes
bxcjh01 - boxes
bxxts04 - boxes
ipbhp08 - pots (hp,fp,sp,de,co,ae,ex,np)
ibbow38-39 - elemntal ammo
iidgn01-02 - Dagnu eles RINGS
iadgn01-02 - Dagnu eles HS`t
iqell01 - Elan Scrolls

ircsa01-04 - T5's
ircsa05-12 - jades

ipdrw01 - Concintradted Poision
ipdrw02 - Beserkers Vile
ipdrw03 - Cremul Snatchers

iiaad05 - RING new eles (30/50 per att/def | 80 per att/dog) (aa, bb, cc middle two letters)
iaaad05 - HS new eles (50 per att/def | 80 per att/dog ) (aa, bb, cc middle two letters)

iachr01 - christmas elemental amulet atk
iachr02 - scorpion kiss amulet
iachr03 - christmas elemental amulet def
iachr04 - bless of novus amulet
iachr05 - christmas elemental amulet avoid
iachr06 - snake eater amulet

iichr01 - christmas elemental ring atk 45%
iichr02 - christmas elemental ring def 45%
iichr03 - christmas elemental ring avoid 45%
iichr04 - christmas elemental ring def 45%
iichr05 - christmas elemental ring avoid 40%
iichr06 - christmas elemental ring avoid 45%

iwhkn01 - black sign maneater
iwstz02 - relic staff
iwluz04 - relic launcher
iwflz04 - relic inferno
iwboz01-02 - relic bow
iwfiz04 - relic fire arm/dual hiitler
iwspz01-02 - relic spear
iwlxa50 - leon faust
iwlxa45 - leon launcher
iwsxa50 - leon spear
iwbxa50 - leon bow
iwlub51 - int akeron launcher
iwfib55 - dark gattling gun
iwekn55 - Elven Blade/knife
iwebo55 - Elven Bow
iwmdb55 - Elven Metal Dual Blade
iwmbo55 - Elven Metal Bow
iwest55 - Elven Staff
iwewa55 - Elven Wand
iwmeb55 - Elven Metal Blade
iwmca55 - Elven Gairtttling Gun
idmeb55 - Metal Elven Shield
idelb55 - Elven Shield

iwpvp01-10 - Hero Weapons

ihawc50 - ancient armor
ihawb47 - armor (a = acc, u = upper | b = int | w = warrior, f = launcher)
(ttz = endurance, x = gurdian, y = sharp, v = protect)
(u = strength, t = solid, s = strong, r = pain)
(q = adv str)`

sklu005 - blue kit
ikbb006 - jetpacaks (aa = acc)
irjad01-05 - Jades

irtal01-1 - talics 01 iggy, 04 chaos, 06 fav, 07 wisdom, 12 grace
13 mercy

idata50 - idati50

idaab45 - shields acc
idbcb45 - shields ccc/bcc

/move - move to player
/town - move to town base
%charcall - port a player to you

ikxxx01 - CEO Mantle (GM Cape)
iaxxx01 - GM Headset
iaxxx04 - GM Headset
iixxx00 - GM Ringtt
iixxx01 - GMt%ct%t Ringf

show me the dalant 100000000
allskill 10000000000


-mon- (%moncall)
(4 acc, 5 bell, 6 cora)
01304 - Vice Block Lunker PB
09704 - Varas
01F04 - Gaff
01004 - Splinter
01104 - Rook
01204 - Warbeast
01304 - Lunker
01504 - Ratmoth
01604 - Drone
01704 - Vafer
02004 - Tweezer
02404 - Grumble
02C04 - King Crook
04004 - Anabola
04104 - Brutal
04204 - Meat Clod
04304 - Blood Crawler
04404 - Blood Vafer
04504 - Snatcher Rex
05817 - Calliana Queen

13A07 - Thor
0BB07 - Draco PB
16517 - Draco Flamejante
09207 - hora ABX
16307 - Rind Leader Blood Axe
05207 - Hora Armored Hobo Blade

0B407 - Carmen
*12707 - Leon Volv
*12307 - Xich
05906 - DevilChooty
14D07 - Eldi Croche
15407 - Kwele
*15207 - Edisil_Narwen
04317 - Esmagador Sanguin.rio_Horae
0390C - Rainha Naiade Ondina Guerreira Horae
09437 - Baal Hamon Horae (dbos)
16307 - Leder dos Machados
0ED07 - Blue ABX
06D07 - belp

0AB07 - rj
0AF07 - taravan
0AC07 - blink
0AD07 - sinder
0B207 - dagon
0B107 - Dagan
0B007 - Dagnu

0BA07 - walnut

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